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Type Of Pipe Fittings

Jan. 02, 2020

Chemical seamless tubes suppliers share with you.

There are many types of pipe fittings, and the following main types are summarized:

1. Variable diameter pipe fittings refers to the reduction in diameter of the pipe end or a part of the pipe;

2. Variable wall thickness pipe means the wall thickness is changed along the length of the pipe;

3. Change the section of the pipe, and change the round section to square, oval, polygon, etc. according to requirements;

4. For curved pipe fittings, we have more contact, which is to change straight pipes into curved pipes with different radius of curvature, such as elbows, elbows, cast iron drainage pipes, etc .;

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5. Pipes with flanges and rounded edges, the former means that the end of the pipe is convex inward or outward, and the latter means the pipe that forms a bulge or groove in the circumferential direction of the pipe

6. Pipe fittings with crimping and bottom sealing, increase the total strength of the pipe end, and crimp to the outside or inside of the pipe or seal the pipe end;

7. Expand the diameter of the pipe, according to the requirements, expand the pipe end or a part to form various shapes of pipe.

Let's talk about the pipe fittings used for pipeline connection, such as: elbows, big and small, tees, caps, elbows, etc. These pipe fittings are mainly used in the fields of petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, shipbuilding, construction industry and so on. For example: some indoor heating pipes need to be connected with different diameters, some need to be connected to diversify, and some need to be connected by shunts. They can be used with small and large heads (known as reducers abroad), elbows and tees. Of course, some of these are castings, and some are produced by pipes through raw materials.

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